This January, get a free laser therapy treatment when you purchase 3 or more!

jan pom ra rio 400x450pxAs some of you may know, each month our team selects a Pet of the Month.

We're happy to introduce January's Pets of the Month, Ra and Rio Weisel.

Ra is twelve and half year old DSH cat, and Rio is an eight year old German Shepherd dog. They are both owned by Amanda Weisel.

pet laser therapy dog riane 350pxFrom helping to reduce swelling to relieving pain, laser therapy can help heal your pet.

This January, Laughery Valley Veterinary Hospital is offering a special discount on these services. When you purchase 3 or more laser treatments, you'll receive one free treatment!

For more information on the benefits of these services, please visit our Laser Therapy page.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about this offer, call us at (812) 689-6984.

dog cavalier king charles spaniel 250pxEver wondered what your dog or cat would wish for in 2020? Or have you ever considered what would be their top priorities?

Many people say they wish for health and happiness. I wonder if pets wish for that. Maybe they just wish for more treats or more time with you.

Based on 40 years of serving pets and their owners, here are the top 3 resolutions for the coming year that I believe would serve the pet population well. Of course, the pets of southeastern Indiana need to convince the people they live with to get on board with these resolutions. Do you think that's possible?

dog running agility 350pxIn our last column, we learned how heartworm disease in dogs is on the rise. We learned that tick-borne diseases are affecting more and more people than ever before. We also know that fleas can carry diseases and that they are a nuisance every year. The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is a reality that also applies to our pets when it comes to parasites.

But what about the parasites that are already here? What is the impact on our heath, the health of our children, and our pet's health? How can we mitigate the potential suffering caused by these opportunistic beasts?


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