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Our June Pet of the Month is: Albert and Lola Burress, 9 month old Welsh Corgis belonging to Mary Jo and Randal Burress.


Are You & Your Pet Storm Ready?

As summer comes into season, it can bring rain and severe storms. Although we have the news and radars that can tell us ahead of time, we never know exactly where a storm may hit and if the storm will affect us. It is important to be prepared and have a disaster plan for your pet. Some great ideas include making a kit that includes food, water, a blanket, leash, making a form of identification for your pet (ID tag or collar, microchip), and putting together any other items that you feel necessary.

Rabies May 2020 Flyer

As of this writing, many universities, independent companies and government labs are doing research on developing a SARS-CoV-19 (coronavirus) vaccine. The race is on to be the first to market such a needed product. But not so fast. The final vaccine needs to be effective yet safe. Nobody wants the prevention to be worse than the disease. And the consumer wants to be assured of this. I'm sure there will be much more media coverage of coronavirus vaccine development as the months wear on. But one can't help but wish for speedy progress in this area as we read daily of the number dead and the number testing positive.

Many American families spend the hours between 7am and 6pm out of the home. We head off to our jobs, schools or social events. March 2020 found many family members staying home. With Covid-19 spreading across the United States our leaders adopted Shelter at Home policies to help "flatten the curve" and protect us. While we humans were adjusting to the new norm of staying home our furry family members found delight in having their people with them 24/7!

As the weeks progressed, our pets adapted to having people with them continuously. We were there to let them outside whenever they wanted, we gave them more treats throughout the day and had plenty of time to play with them.

Many people are wondering if their pets can get the novel coronavirus illness, COVID-19. There are a couple of reasons for this suspicion.

puppy kitten spring ar3The news has reported that a dog in Hong Kong tested a “weak positive” for the coronavirus. This dog’s owner was sick with COVID-19. Some may know that there is a coronavirus vaccine currently on the market for dogs. Whenever there is a human health crisis, it is normal for people to think about their pets and have questions. Could Molly get sick? Can Bella make me sick?

After a two week quarantine the dog in Hong Kong has tested negative. So far, there has been no evidence that dogs can spread the disease or have any real role to play in the current health crisis. The coronavirus vaccine for dogs is a vaccine that has fallen out of favor with canine vaccine experts as a vaccine that all dogs need. This virus is transmitted in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions. The vaccine is not routinely used, but can be effective in puppies under certain unfavorable environmental situations. Be aware that the canine coronavirus (CCoV) is different than the human SARS-COV-2 currently causing the worldwide pandemic.

Pet Periodontal Disease - Dillsboro IN vetPeriodontal disease is the most common health condition in pets; it is also one of the most under-treated conditions.

Think of each of your pet’s teeth as an iceberg. The visible area of the tooth (the crown) might show a little plaque, but do you know what is lying underneath the surface? A small amount of damage on the crown may mean there is much more damage being done around the roots of the tooth. Plaque, bacteria, and saliva harden to make a substance called tartar. This tartar squeezes its way underneath the gum line which causes pain and gingivitis (swelling of the gums.) The longer the tartar is allowed to sit under the gums, the more damage it does to the surrounding tissues. Not only is the tartar poking and prodding at the gums, bacteria are also secreting toxic chemicals into the bloodstream and are taken to other areas of the body.

dog running agility 350pxIn our last column, we learned how heartworm disease in dogs is on the rise. We learned that tick-borne diseases are affecting more and more people than ever before. We also know that fleas can carry diseases and that they are a nuisance every year. The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is a reality that also applies to our pets when it comes to parasites.

But what about the parasites that are already here? What is the impact on our heath, the health of our children, and our pet's health? How can we mitigate the potential suffering caused by these opportunistic beasts?


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